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108 colors.

We've perfected thermoset rubber with Baseworks™.
It starts with what goes into our products.
Creating products that are better for the world.
Let's get creative.
We can print any design you can imagine.
It's all led by science, technology & innovation.
That's the power of balanced choice.

rubber wall base

Johnsonite Finishing Borders

Rubber & Vinyl Wall Base

It’s no secret that Johnsonite® offers the most comprehensive collection of finishing borders in the industry. But you may not know why. The truth is, we’ve been leading the industry in materials science since we started perfecting traditional wall base more than 70 years ago. Today, you’ll find more materials, colors and profiles than anywhere else – including the most phthalate- and PVC-free options.

It’s all led by science, technology and innovation. And it’s driven by our philosophy that you should be able to balance your choices and find the ideal flooring solution for every application, no matter what variables you face. That’s the power of Balanced Choice.