The Complete Formula For Coordination.

When it comes to innovating, we didn't just want to give you a better floor, we wanted to give you a shopping experience. With iSelect® you can find the floor that expresses your personality and style, while also living up to the wear and tear of everday. iSelect also makes the shopping process easier. How? We've organized a selection of our Tarkett products into 6 eary-to-shop color families, where each design complements the others within that palette. Here is how it works:

Choose a color family.
Once you find a color family you like, search through the many options to find that exactly-what-you're-looking-for design.

Coordinate your floors.
Choose from our 6 color families. Coordinate with any Tarkett Product in the same palette for a home that flows from room to room.

Finish off your look.
iSelect lets you coordinate more than just your floors. There are coordinated finishing accessories for each color family to complete your room, too.

Show your style.
Want even more choices? Would you prefer to create your own palette? See the full Tarkett collection at Then, once you have found your favorite designs and matching accessories, your home won't just flow from room to room, it will showcase your style.

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