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Woods, Stones & Abstracts
Offering an innovative design.
Brings any space
to life
and is ideal for most commercial environments.
Designed to coordinate.
Created to innovate.
classic woods
with variations
in grain.
Beloved styles & looks of stones
with new large-scale designs.
Combining patterns & natural materials
creating uniquely abstract designs.
It starts with what goes into our products.
Creating products that are better for the world.
I.D. Freedom Luxury Tile & plank

I.D. Freedom Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

The Look Of Wood, Stone & Abstracts

A rusted shovel. A seashell. A charred piece of firewood. They may not seem like luxury objects, but their unique textures, patterns and colors inspired the unexpected new designs of I.D. Freedom™ Luxury Planks and Tiles. This collection combines the natural with the naturally unnatural, and allows you to pair abstracts with stones and woods, and more.

I.D. Freedom Luxury Tile & Plank flooring is as easy to coordinate as it is to walk on. Now rusted sandstone can pair with woven woods, and stained concrete can lay side by side with rubber. Every pattern, grain and texture was designed to work together. When you pair that superior coordination with the added flexibility of sizes and shapes, this line delivers real freedom of design. Get the stone, wood or abstract look to your floor with I.D. Freedom.

healthy flooring  made in usa recyclable