How to Remodel Your Kitchen in 9 Steps

By Rebekah Zaveloff, Houzz

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners fall into two camps. Some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting inspiring kitchen photos. Some decide they need more room. Others simply want to upgrade their current kitchen. Homeowners may find themselves in this exploration stage for a year or longer before they start interviewing kitchen designers or general contractors.

Once you’ve pondered long enough and you’re ready to greenlight a kitchen remodeling project, then what? We’ll start with the first 9 steps and we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details under specific steps as we move through the complete workbook.

Kitchen Remodel 1: Mary Evelyn Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Kitchen Remodel 1: Mary Evelyn Interiors, original photo on Houzz

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Sustainable Interiors with a Modern Edge

by Erin Vaughan

You want your home’s interiors to be as sustainable as possible. But eco-friendly home decor doesn’t have to mean a crunchy-granola aesthetic. In fact, with a wide range of stylish, environmental materials available, you can get home design that’s polished and visually stunning, while improving the health of your home—and the Earth.

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“When we first saw this flat, it was pretty dark and in bad condition, but we felt it had so much potential,” says architect Pereen d’Avoine of Russian For Fish. It was part of a former bakery that had undergone a cobbled-together conversion in the 1980s, and what it lacked in windows and natural light, it made up for in ample floor space.

Her partner, Matt, is also an architect, “and luckily we have similar taste when it comes to interiors,” says d’Avoine. “But we were on a really tight budget, so we decided to live in the flat for a while before starting work on it, so we could understand what we needed from the space.”

One year later the pair applied for planning permission to put in a new window, transforming a dark corner and helping them to make the most of their living area. Completed in 2012, the crisp, well-designed space now enjoys lots of natural light and is filled with restrained, midcentury-style furniture that complements the bold checkered floor.

13 Choices for Checkered Floors

Houzz at a Glance

Location: Bethnal Green district of London

Designer: Russian For Fish

Size: 2 bedrooms; 1 bathroom

“We had a really tight budget, so we didn’t want to rip out the solid wood floor, but it was stained a dark red color that totally sapped all the light in the room,” says d’Avoine. The solution: “Matt and I both love checks, and the bold pattern gives the flat a sense of width, which is helpful, as it’s quite long,” she says. “It also leads your eye naturally into the other spaces.” The statement floor is d’Avoine’s favorite part of the flat, although her contractors were not such big fans. “I think they hated it,” she says. “It’s all hand painted, and it took a whole week to finish.”


Russian For Fish, original photo on Houzz

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Your Guide to Luxury Vinyl Tile


Tarkett LVT Rock Maple in Natural

Tarkett LVT Rock Maple in Natural

This article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services, he owns a home remodeling company located in Naperville, Illinois.  Bryan is very passionate about educating homeowners, from design ideas to hiring contractors.

As one of the least expensive forms of flooring, vinyl seems like the last thing you would attach the word ‘luxury’ to. But luxury vinyl tile is real and has become one of the most popular flooring options among homeowners and even businesses.

Luxury vinyl tile is essentially a type of vinyl-based flooring that is designed to resemble a wide range of materials including wood, ceramic and natural stone. Luxury vinyl tile or simply LVT, offers a number of advantages and improvements over traditional vinyl. It is more durable, better looking and provides a wider variety of style. For all these advantages however, you can expect to pay several times more per square foot for LVT as compared to traditional vinyl.



LVT is such a great option that it is no longer considered a low budget flooring option. In fact, you will find it used in high-end apartments and condos. Here is a more detailed look at the main benefits of luxury vinyl tile.  Continue reading

Spotlight On: FiberFloor

Tarkett FiberFloor Hex in Copper Mine and American Chestnut in Saddle

Tarkett FiberFloor Hex in Copper Mine and American Chestnut in Saddle. Combining the two patterns is a fun, unexpected way to soften transitions and create separation in open concept spaces.

Recently, we added several new designs to our FiberFloor collection. These designs represent taking risks and embracing trends that you can still live on. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how some of these designs came to be and fun ways to use them.

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Top Six Tips for Tracking Trends Like a Pro

Pickled finishes from the ‘90s are now called a more sophisticated cerused. Tarkett Laminate Heritage Oak Light 42139385

Pickled finishes from the ‘90s are now called a more sophisticated cerused. Tarkett Laminate Heritage Oak Light 42139385

Recently, our senior design manager, Traci Kloos, presented at Voices from the Industry at KBIS 2016 about becoming a trend tracker. The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)  is part of Design and Construction Week, which brings together more than 110,000 design and construction professionals in the largest annual gathering of the residential design and construction industry. In Traci’s presentation, she discussed how to be a trend tracker to a wonderful audience of kitchen and bath designers. Trend tracking is a requirement for designers, but you don’t have to be a professional to be an authority on trends. You can trend track yourself to get the most out of your love of design, tap into your creativity and perhaps most importantly, decide if you should skip the rose gold or embrace it wholeheartedly.

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Design Inspiration: New York Fashion Week 2016

To celebrate New York Fashion Week, our design team is curating inspiration boards based on what they’re loving at the shows. High fashion, architecture and design blend beautifully together and draw inspiration from one another.

From Traci Kloos, senior design manager: 

Olive with products

I’m loving the rich olive greens that are showing up on the runway. Olive green is the neutral many people forget about. It pairs well with other neutrals such as grey, brown and tan. I like it paired with an unexpected pop of color. My favorite for spring/summer 2016 is a bright burst of orange. It livens up the green with a bit of unexpected whimsy.

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Five Easy Ways to Declutter Your Open Storage Spaces

Luxury vinyl tile Permastone Rush in Atlas

Luxury vinyl tile Permastone Rush in Atlas

It’s about this time of year that it always happens. The fanfare of the holidays is over, you are deep into winter, but spring seems too far away to fathom. It’s about this time that the walls start closing in and you feel like you are trapped in your home surrounded by clutter. It’s at that moment when I am feeling caught between moving out for the next three months and donating all my possessions to charity that I snap back to reality and come to grips with the fact I need to declutter. Being the pragmatist I am, I tackle only the spaces that will be seen. Leaving the additional mess behind closed doors, for another day. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Tones


It’s second nature for designers to refer to colors as cool or warm, but what does that mean to you? If you picture the color wheel, we generally think of red, orange and yellow as warm and violet, blue and green as cool. But in fact whether a color is warm or cool really depends upon the context because it’s all relative. Even the experts are divided over which is the warmest color family—red or yellow. Likewise, some believe that blue is the coolest, while others think it’s blue violet. Neutrals can be either warm or cool depending on if the undertones are more blue or red or yellow.

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