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Environmental Fact Sheet - Luxury Floors

Luxury Floor is part of NAFCO® by Tarkett’s choice of sustainable solutions, an integrated system that allows for balancing all the competing needs, while making choices that are truly sustainable and work together aesthetically.


  • 65% of raw materials used at our Florence, Alabama manufacturing plant are sourced within 200 miles of the plant
  • Our continuous improvement program uses lean manufacturing techniques to reduce waste
  • NAFCO’s production site quality management is ISO 9001 certified


  • A closed-loop heating and cooling water system conserves energy and water
  • NAFCO sends none of its manufacturing scrap to landfills
  • High product performance which reduces the replacement cycle and upholds warranties of Best Living 30 year residential / 10 year commercial, Better Living 20 year residential / 5 year light commercial, Good Living 15 year residential, PermaStone Lifetime limited / 5 year light commercial and Modular 20 year residential / 5 year light commercial


  • FloorScoreTM certified for assurance of low-emitting materials and indoor air quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain using a neutral floor cleaner and water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals required by some floors
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile is hypo-allergenic, will not trap dust and other airborne contaminants, allowing for proper filtration through HVAC systems
  • Coordinated transitions are available for a more aesthetically cohesive space


  • 100% of NAFCO’s flooring is recyclable
  • NAFCO Planks contain 40-60%* pre-consumer recycled material
  • NAFCO Tiles contain 40-60%* pre-consumer recycled material
* % may vary depending on backing color Please note:
The data available on this Product Fact Sheet relates to Tarkett products and services as of the date of its publication. It is provided for information purposes only. Tarkett does not guarantee that the information contained in the Product Fact Sheet is accurate, complete and up-to date and shall not be held responsible for any error or omission. Prior to circulation, quoting, or reproducing for distribution purposes it is recommended to have the Product Fact Sheet reviewed and updated by the appropriate department.