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In addition to Americore™, Tarkett Laminate’s exclusive 100 percent hardwood core, our laminate flooring has a variety of features. So we’ve organized every descriptive detail – from pattern, color and design, to item and warranty numbers – in this simple, informative guide.

Laminate Product Details (English)


The first step toward enjoying Tarkett® Laminate is to install it. This complete reference manual is ideal for both beginners and professionals. It includes the technical details and proper procedures necessary to ensure stress-free installation and beautiful results.

T-Lock Angle - Tap Installation Instructions T-Lock Angle - Drop Installation Instructions


Just as we protect our floors from the rigors of everyday, we take equal care in protecting our customers. The Tarkett® Consumer Protection Plan outlines the details of our Laminate warranties, as well as specific floor care and maintenance information.

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How To Maintain Your Tarkett Laminate Floor

Easy to maintain
Tarkett Laminate floors are easy to clean and maintain. For day-to-day maintenance, all you need is a damp mop. For tougher clean-ups, use the Tarkett SureShine® cleaning solution.

Stubborn Stain Care Guide: Use these smart tips to remove any stain.

Stains: Soft drinks, syrup, wine, milk, juice, coffee, cream, tea, beer, chocolate, fruit, grape juice
Care: Use a damp mop with a neutral floor cleaner such as Tarkett SureShine® Floor Cleaner or a household cleaner in lukewarm water. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Stains: Ink, ballpoint pen, lipstick
Care: Alcohol or nail polish remover

Stains: Cigarette burns, tar, oil-based paints, heel marks, asphalt, wax, oil, glue, shoe polish
Care: Lighter fluid or nail polish remover

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tarkett Laminate Flooring have to be acclimated before installation?
Yes. The unopened cartons shall be placed in the room in which they will be installed for a minimum of 48 hours before installation. This will allow the laminate to acclimate to the conditions within the room.

Can Tarkett Laminate Flooring be installed in a basement?
Yes. Tarkett Laminate Flooring can be installed on all grade levels.

Why must an underlayment be used?
The underlayment will help reduce noise transmission, ease minor subfloor irregularities and improve insulation properties.

When must a vapor barrier be used?
A vapor barrier is required when installing laminate over a concrete substrate. A 10 mil (.010") polyethylene sheet is generally acceptable. Various foam underlayments are available with the vapor barrier attached. These are commonly referred to as 3 in 1 foams. Tarkett offers a polyfoam with vapor barrier.

Can Tarkett Laminate Flooring be installed over a radiant heated floor?
Tarkett Laminate Flooring is suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems provided that the heating element is installed at least 2" below the surface of the concrete. Surface temperature should not exceed 85°F (28°C).

Can Tarkett Laminate Flooring be installed over carpet?
Deep pile carpeting and padding must be removed before installing laminate flooring. Tarkett Laminate Flooring may be installed over industrial direct glue carpeting (no padding) that is installed over wood substrates only. Use of a foam underlayment is not recommended for this type of application.

Why is an expansion space needed around the perimeter of the room?
The expansion space will allow for the normal movement of the floor due to climate changes. Tarkett recommends a minimum 5/16" (8.2mm) space around the perimeter of the room as well as any fixed objects.

When must a T-Molding be used?
To account for the normal movement of the floor a T-Molding is required for rooms wider or longer than 40' (12 meters). The T-Molding shall be utilized in the best possible manner, such as doorways or archways.

Will I need to use a hammer and tapping block?
No. Tarkett Laminate Flooring is installed by using the patented T-Loc System. This system allows the planks to be assembled at a 45º angle. The use of a hammer and tapping block is not recommended as this may cause damage to the tongue and groove.

What size must the first and last piece in each row be?
The first and last piece in each row should be at least 12 inches long. In addition, all end joints should be staggered a minimum of 12 inches.

Can Tarkett Laminate Flooring be installed on stairs?
Yes. The laminate will have to be fully adhered using a good quality construction adhesive. Refer to the Tarkett Laminate Installation Instructions for details.

Does Tarkett offer molding pieces?
Yes. Tarkett offers a line of color coordinating transition moldings that includes quarter round, universal reducer, stair nose, flush mount stair nose and T-Molding.

How is Tarkett Laminate Flooring maintained?
Tarkett Laminate Flooring can be maintained by lightly damp mopping with a neutral floor cleaner such as Tarkett SureShine(r) Floor Cleaner. Do not flood floor. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Can a damaged plank be repaired?
Small nicks or gouges can sometimes be repaired by using matching putty. If the damage is severe enough, a plank replacement can be performed without having to disengage the entire floor. Refer to the Tarkett Laminate Installation Instructions for details.