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Asthma Allergy Friendly Alternative to Linoleum Flooring

Breathe-Easy™ Flooring

At Tarkett®, we understand that your family connects with flooring more than any other surface in your home. So we know how important it is to ensure our floors help create a safe and healthy environment. Did you know that many household items emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms such as headaches and dizziness? Whether you or a loved one suffer from asthma or allergy or you just want to surround your family with products that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, you can be confident that your Tarkett floor will be safe and beautiful for those you love most.

Certified Healthy

Tarkett develops flooring products that are engineered to be some of the safest and lowest VOC-emitting products in the market today. And we can prove it:

CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly™

  • More than 95 percent of allergens are removed with standard cleaning
  • This certification entails not only the product, but the installation and cleaning methods
  • Scientifically tested and proven to help you breathe easier
  • Applies to FiberFloor and felt flooring
  • Tarkett is the first manufacture to be certified across multiple flooring categories
  • Low VOC-emissions
  • Tarkett FiberFloor test below 10μg/m3 per ASTM D5116
  • FloorScore® certified
  • Tested and approved by Scientific Certifications System (SCS) for compliance with indoor air quality emission requirements in California.

A New Take On Linoleum Flooring

Beautiful and practical, FiberFloor® is designed with woven fiberglass, foam and tough, resilient wear layers that stand up to water, moisture, scuffs, scratches and indentations in a warm, comfortable and it-looks-great kind of way. FiberFloor is a part of our iSelect system, which groups all our Tarkett flooring options into six beautiful, easy-to-live-with color families, allowing you to coordinate across flooring types, from room-to-room, throughout your entire house. This resilient flooring is Certified asthma & allergy friendly is a perfect alternative to linoleum flooring. With FiberFloor and iSelect®, you can find the perfect floor to express your personality and style, while still standing up to the wear and tear of your daily life.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify which of our color families best fits your style 
  • Find your favorite floor within the palette.
  • Coordinate it with any other floor in the same palette – whether you’re coordinating to an adjoining existing floor or choosing all new flooring, staying within the palette will assure the floors will complement each other and flow from room to room.
  • Choose your color-coordinated finishing accessories for the perfect final touch.

Special Features:

  • Warm, quiet and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic and Certified asthma & allergy friendly™
  • Wear, scuff, scratch, indentation resistant
  • Water, moisture, mold and mildew resistant
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Lifetime, 15- and 10-year limited warranties
  • Phthalate-free construction

The Tarkett® FiberFloor® Protection System™ features five everyday-life-resistant layers and more.

  • Layer 1 – Finish layer Protects against scratches, scuffs and stains for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Layer 2 – Wear layer Prevents wear, rips, tears, gouges and indentations
  • Layer 3 – TechniCore™ foam layer Adds cushion and additional indentation protection, creating warmth and comfort underfoot
  • Layer 4 – Engineered fiberglass inner layer Utilizes woven fibers so it lays flat and won’t expand or contract for increased stability
  • Layer 5 – TechniCore backing layer Allows high flexibility, easy installation and a moisture and sound-resistant barrier for added performance

The Tarkett FiberFloor Protection System is a special foam treatment for extra protection against mold. FiberFloor has a full-printed barrier backing that prevents discoloration and stains coming from underneath, making it ideal for installation in humid areas.